Market-led infrastructure may sound good but not if it short-changes the public

[Authors: Crystal Legacy, University of Melbourne; Brendan Gleeson, University of Melbourne; Jago Dodson, RMIT University, and John Stone, University of Melbourne] The privatisation of services in Australian cities has weakened public control of key infrastructure. This is likely to accelerate as governments look to market-led proposals to provide infrastructure. For […]

Driverless vehicles and pedestrians don’t mix. So how do we re-arrange our cities?

Author: Peter Newman, Curtin University Videos showing autonomous or self-driving vehicles weaving in and out of crossroads at speed without colliding suggest this technology will solve traffic problems. You almost never see pedestrians or cyclists in these videos. The reality is that they don’t fit. The vision of autonomous traffic […]

JOINT MEDIA STATEMENT – Community groups call for sustainable options to handle airport water

Over 300 people who attended a public information session held on Tuesday night (10 Sept) in Maroochydore heard more detail around the proposal by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to release ponded water from the Sunshine Coast Airport via a pipeline to the ocean at Marcoola. Presentations by Ross Ullman, Project Director of the […]

Solving sprawl, congestion and pollution? Tip: scrap car parking

What can our cities do about sprawl, congestion and pollution? Tip: scrap car parking Car parking occupies a large proportion of urban areas, and cities cannot keep sacrificing so much space to meet demand. Neil Sipe, Author provided Neil Sipe, The University of Queensland; Anthony Kimpton, The University of Queensland, […]