Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland (CCC)

Definition of corrupt conduct
Charter of Service
Conflicts of interest — are you managing yours appropriately?

Office of the Information Commissioner, Queensland (OIC)

Office of the Information Commissioner

South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 (ShapingSEQ)

South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017

Measures that Matter online dashboard for South East Queensland
Land Supply and Development Monitoring Report

Peak resident & environmental organisations

Ratepayers Australia – note the link to What is Good Governance?

Queensland Local Government Reform Alliance (QLGRA)
Brisbane Residents United (BRU)
Redlands 2030

Gold Coast & Hinterland Environment Council (GECKO)
Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC)

Environmental Defenders Office Queensland (EDO)

Other peak organisations

Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ)
Sunshine Coast Business Council (SCBC)
Property Council of Australia
Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA Queensland)

Office of Fair Trading (OFT)

Incorporated Associations – all you need to know
SmartBusiness: A guide to operating an incorporated association in Queensland

Other links

National Cities Performance Framework Report – Sunshine Coast data

Government News

Our Community Group – for organisations working to build stronger communities

Coalition of Community Boards

The role of Community Sector peak bodies (QCOSS)

OpenStreetMap – Open source Community mapping site

Queensland Historical Atlas – Sunshine Coast entry