OSCAR documents

You will find information that relates to OSCAR’s involvement with the development of the SCRC’s 2024 Planning Scheme here. This will include material from workshops, member feedback, representations to the Council and other relevant documents.

Group and individual responses to PS2024 surveys on regional planning directions (RPD), local planning directions (LPD) and hot topics:

Regional planning directions

MTAG – New Planning Scheme Project Submission
Seaside Shores Community Association – New Planning Scheme Project Submission
Friends of Buddina (FoB) – New Planning Scheme Project Submission
Blackall Range – Planning Scheme Issues Paper
Coolum RA – PS Review submission
Joint Hinterland groups (BRLUPA, MADCA, MVA) – Planning Scheme Submission

Local planning directions

Local Planning Directions comparison – all Local Plan Areas

FoB – Kawana Waters LPA
Blackall Range -Maleny Local Plan Area

Hot topics

Climate Change
Dual Occupancy and Secondary Dwellings
Affordable Living Affordable Housing


Other material

OSCAR Planning Scheme workshop notes – 18 March
     OSCAR Planning Scheme workshop summary (Excel)

PS2024 – topics for consideration by SCRC
PS2024 – OSCAR Workshop notes Part 1