The OSCAR mission statement

OSCAR is a non-partisan umbrella organisation representing member resident associations united by their determination that the Sunshine Coast and Noosa Planning Schemes serve the public interest.

OSCAR aims to support member organisations by:

  1. Advocating to local and state government and the public on policy issues that are of regional significance and of concern to our members;
  2. Acting to resolve issues of strategic or region-wide relevance that are referred by member organisations;
  3. Representing the member organisations on region-wide matters of interest to the community;
  4. Maintaining awareness and responsiveness through frequent and regular ordinary meetings and dialogue with member organisations; and
  5. Practising professional, honest and ethical conduct.

The objectives of OSCAR are to have Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Noosa Council achieve and maintain:

  • Transparent and accountable governance, including community consultation that is respected and acted upon;
  • A culture in which planning schemes are subject to amendment only in the public interest after a rigorous process of public consultation and never to expedite the approval of a development application;
  • A rate of population growth consistent with a balance between the natural and built environments that permits a comfortable lifestyle and preserves biodiversity;
  • Retention of the existing character of towns and villages, with future urban development low-rise and supported by environmentally responsible transport options;
  • Developers being fully responsible for project infrastructure costs; and
  • Rates set as low as possible consistent with efficient and effective delivery of local government services.

The OSCAR vision

The residents of this region enjoy being part of a connected and engaged community living in an area of outstanding natural beauty. They recognise that they are custodians of the unique and abundant biodiversity, beaches and green spaces of the region.

Leadership and Governance

  • Local government policies, plans and actions will be consistent with achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability.
  • Local government decision making will be responsible, informed, ethical, and accountable.
  • Governance will become open and transparent and residents will have reasonable access to reports and documents.
  • Community consultation will become routine and results respected and acted upon.
  • The public interest will prevail over vested interests.


  • Urban areas will be characterised by low-rise development that will continue to distinguish the region’s urban landscape from the high-rise cityscape of the Gold Coast.
  • Urban settlement will be contained so that our natural coastal and rural landscapes remain visible and accessible.

Natural heritage

  • It is recognised that the region’s forests, reserves, parklands, beaches, waterways and topographic features are to be preserved and maintained and recognised for their ecological, cultural, social and economic significance and for the residents’ sense of wellbeing.
  • The remaining natural areas of the region will be protected for their inherent value because they appeal to the human senses; underpin the economy and tourism sector; provide recreational opportunities; and provide ecosystem services for current and future generations.

Cultural heritage

  • The Traditional Owners’ rich culture, their heritage and their continual relationship with the lands and waters of the Sunshine Coast are recognised.

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