Successful Candidates

OSCAR would like to congratulate the successful candidates for the 8 Sunshine Coast state seats.

Note: Candidates were asked to send OSCAR a campaign profile or statement –  there is a link where provided. (# Sitting member)

Buderim – Brent Mickelberg (LNP)
Caloundra – Mark McArdle (LNP) #
Glass House – Andrew Powell (LNP) #
Kawana – Jarrod Bleijie (LNP) #
Maroochydore – Fiona Simpson (LNP) #
Nicklin – Marty Hunt (LNP)
Ninderry – Dan Purdie (LNP)
Noosa – Sandy Bolton (IND)

Electoral Commission Queensland

Election 2017 results by seat
Electronic Disclosure System (EDS)

Policy Documents

Australian Labor Party (ALP)
Greens (G)
Liberal National Party (LNP)
One Nation (ONP)

ALP Plan for Sunshine Coast
LNP letter to LGAQ

Letter from Mayor Jamieson to OSCAR – State Election Funding Priorities

OSCAR Candidate Survey

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Responses received from successful candidates:

Bolton, Sandy (IND)
LNP (provided by Fiona Simpson)

OSCAR Candidate Forum

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OSCAR would like to acknowledge the candidates who attended the Forum, or provided responses to our candidate survey (Note: The LNP and Queensland Greens provided party responses); in some cases these responses were very comprehensive and we urge you to read them.

We also want to thank those candidates who went to the trouble of sending their candidate profiles. Given the time constraints candidates are under during election campaigns it is particularly appreciated that these candidate engaged with us.

Survey responses and candidate profiles for successful candidates are available below.