Smart mobility alone is no substitute for strong policy leadership

Transport research provides clear evidence that increasing road capacity is a shortsighted band-aid that increases car travel. It also promotes driving dependency and ultimately makes congestion worse. Most transport resources are being used inefficiently. The Canberra Transport Photo shows the road space required to move 69 people using public transport, […]

Land makes the housing market different, so changing planning rules won’t fix affordability

A commonly held view is that changing planning rules could significantly increase housing supply and hence make housing more affordable. Recent commentary, including in The Conversation, repeats this. It’s a view that glosses over the special features of land, which allow property developers to control housing supply to a significant […]

Call for Planning Law Reform

“Councils and ratepayers should not face significant costs to defend the public interest” Barry Cotterell, President of Peregian Beach Community Association (PBCAI) said today. “Noosa Council recently was forced to defend the Noosa Plan in the Planning and Environment Court at a cost approaching $1 million after it rejected an […]