In recent weeks, Sunshine Coast Council has hosted five community consultation sessions across the region, with 350 people registering their attendance. The sessions were also attended by local Councillors Peter Cox, Jason O’Pray, Greg Rogerson, Steve Robinson, Jenny McKay and Deputy Mayor Tim Dwyer.

The community consultation sessions provided council with the opportunity to canvass the community’s views and preferences on the proposed options for renewal of groynes at the Maroochy River and we thank all community members who took the time to attend and participate in these informative discussions.

Feedback from these sessions has been captured and responses to frequently asked questions have been posted online. The project team will continue to update these questions to offer as much information to the community as possible throughout the consultation period.

In addition to the community consultation sessions, Council has established the Maroochy River Estuary Consultation Group (MRECG). The group’s independent chair, Professor John Martin, attended all five community consultation sessions, and will convene meetings of the group to provide council with feedback from local surf clubs, environmental groups and Indigenous community representatives along with state government agencies, the Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce, the University of the Sunshine Coast and Surf Life Saving Queensland. A full list of all members of the MRECG can be found here.

Further details and background information regarding council’s consultation and previous reports regarding the Maroochy River groyne field are available on Council’s website.

Where to next?

Members of the community who wish to make a representation or submission to the MRECG for consideration can do so by contacting Customer Service.  

Submissions will then be assessed by the MRECG, and invitations to present to the group may be extended to key stakeholders to ensure a wide diversity of community views are made available to the consultation group.

Members of the community can also share their views on their preferred renewal option by completing council’s online survey.

All survey feedback received from the MRECG and the information sessions will be used to assist council to make an informed decision on the selection of a suitable option for upgrades of the Maroochy River mouth coastal structures.

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Michael Anderson | Coordinator
Coastal, CWBs & Planning | Environmental Operations
Infrastructure Services | Sunshine Coast Regional Council

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