The Premier has responded to the CCC s Operation Belcarra report with a commitment to modern, fair, transparent and accountable local government.

Please see the media release following.

The Palaszczuk Government is considering the 31 recommendations handed down today by the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) in its report on addressing integrity and corruption risk in local government.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said key reforms to be addressed in coming days will include banning developer donations and strengthening processes to address conflict of interest concerns.

“The CCC report on Operation Belcarra is comprehensive and thorough,” the Premier said.

“Two of the report’s major recommendations are a ban on developer donations, and better means to deal with perceived conflicts of interest for councillors.

“Let me be very clear – I fully support both those recommendations.

“The Belcarra report highlights serious cultural and structural issues within specific Councils, and Queensland local government more broadly.

“The CCC has made recommendations about Councillors, candidates, donors and the role and powers of the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

“Queenslanders should have confidence in the transparency and integrity of all levels of Government.

“I will not make rules for local Councils that I am not prepared to follow myself, so any changes we make will apply to state, as well as local Government.

“I will bring a submission to cabinet on Monday that addresses all the implications of this report.

“This work will build on the extensive reform my Government has undertaken in the last two and a half years to restore and improve accountability in local and State Government in Queensland.

“We have already lowered the Council disclosure threshold to $500 and legislated to make sure council candidate bank accounts are accountable.

“We have introduced real time donation reporting, which was put to use for the first time during the Ipswich Council by-election.

“We are committed to ensuring there is a modern, fair, transparent and accountable local government system in Queensland.”


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