OSCAR would like to acknowledge the candidates who attended our Candidate Forum on Saturday, 18 November 2017, or provided responses to our candidate survey; in some cases these responses were very comprehensive and we urge you to read them.

We also want to thank those candidates who went to the trouble of sending their candidate profiles. Given the time constraints candidates are under during election campaigns it is particularly appreciated that these candidate engaged with OSCAR.

Candidate Survey responses were received from:

Bolton, Sandy (IND)
Bruinsma, Richard (IND)
Gissane, Bill (ALP)
Hodges, Jeff (No-Tolls)
LNP (provided by Fiona Simpson)
McGlone, Julie (ALP)
Moore, Tony (IND)
Queensland Greens
Whiteside, Eva (ONP)

For our comprehensive coverage of the election, candidate profiles and survey responses click here.


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